Bali Bless Florist | About Us
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About Us

Bali Bless Florist is a florist and decorator company who specializes in weddings and private events. We started our business in 2010 by rentaling tiffany chairs. By focus and hard work, our company growing fast until now, in 2016, we are proudly launching Bali Bless Florist as one of our line.


Even though we are a new florist company doesn’t mean we know nothing. One of our owner, Andreas, has been experienced in florist and wedding decoration since 2000. He has good knowledge of flowers and decoration items, and the best part is his mind never stop developing new creative ideas.


Besides of our product quality, we always striving to bring you an excellent service. We guarantee for friendly assistance, integrity, and on time finish. We really understand that your special day must be perfect and we more than happy to bring your dream into reality.

If you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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